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How to market your spa and massage services

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Get more massage clients for your business

  • Getting more customers doesn't have to be (that) difficult

    Here are a few important easy solutions to help you get more customers for your massage therapy business.

    As people are being restricted from traveling nationally and inter-nations it has become harder to get tourist massage customers. There are less tourists and less business travelers now in your city. Instead you should focus more towards serving the local massage customers. There are potential customers in your community, you just need to find them and, eventually, diversify your services to reach their needs.

    We are listing, what we think that are, the most important steps to grow your massage and/or spa pool of customers.

  • Free Massage App

    Massage Open App

  • 1. Build a (better) website

    This one is a must and a first. In this modern world, every business needs a website. That website needs to load fast, load properly on a mobile phone, list a service menu and have a booking form. Eventually have fast contact forms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Do not rely solely on your Facebook page as you need an identity of your own. You need to show that you are a professional business with a real website. A brand that you can promote will inspire trust.

  • 2. Build or use an app (Apple and Android)

    People nowadays tend to use apps. That is due to apps being famous. We also believe that they are better than websites. As a massage business it is worth having an app. The advantages are many but we could mention the following:

    - Users can get to your app with one tap (versus opening the browser, typing the address, etc, that is needed on the web).

    - Users will be logged in automatically and make a one tap booking.

    - You could send notifications, news and special deals to registered customers (which can bring additional massage bookings).

    We understand that building and maintaining a mobile application is quite an endeavour. It also incurs extra costs. An alternative is to use a massage marketplace such as Massage Open App. The Massage App is built for both massage therapists or massage businesses (such as massage shops, spa and salons, yoga instructors) and for customers looking to easily book massage online.

    How Massage App works:

    a. Massage therapists register and add their listings in a certain location.

    b. The listings get placed in the search results by city and area.

    c. Customers can search for massage in their city/location or see which therapists are nearby.

    d. Customers are then able to contact the massage providers via email, SMS or WhatsApp or even by calling the phone number.

    Massage Open App also offers upgrades for businesses - the Gold Membership will show that listing on the Home Screen and on top of the search results for that particular location.

  • 3. Market your offers (and make the offers diverse)

    Marketing is great and helps a lot. And it does not have to be evil. We are (kind of) joking of course. You're aware that the way you're presenting your products or services is extremely important. You don't have to sell an unbelievable offer that you can't fulfil later. Your customer needs to know your offers so that's what you need to present. Even better if he can read a review about your company. The best is to get a discount card from one of your loyal customers.

    Options are always good. That is what makes lots of revenue on top of the normal sales. People are always interested in what else your business is offering. Perhaps you are offering these 2 items on your menu. Make sure you add more items (add Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Shiatsu Massage) to your list of offers and in turn that will convert into new customers. Your massage therapy staff may need to get additional training, but in the end is worth it. Additional skills count - think Aromatherapy or Ear Candling.

  • 4. Be active on Social Media

    Let's say that you are a small massage business and want to get more massage clients. You can't afford a marketing team and really don't plan on hiring an IT team to build you a booking app. But there are still things you can do.

    You can build a Facebook page with all your massage offers and receive orders directly to your Facebook Messenger. You can actually make an auto-responder that will give information to your potential customers. And with some tweaking there are even options of a Facebook Chat Bot which will guide your customers from the start on how to choose a massage type, pick a date and time and add comments to the booking.

    Twitter is a little different as you won't be making an actual web page. You can still list your massage offers and can easily update your potential clients with new offers and discounts. And Twitter users are perhaps some of the most loyal and trustworthy.

    As you can see, there are many ways to use the virtual estate to get more customers for your massage therapy business. But you need to keep things updated and active. Gone are the days where all your customers will book over the phone or walk-in to your shop. Now mobile phones are at the top of massage bookings.