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Free Membership

All users install and use the Massage App free of charge. Therapists may upload images and list their phone numbers (optional) and whatsapp details.

Ease of Use

It takes less than a minute to open your free account. As a massage therapist. Even less for a client. Just install the app, "tap tap" and you're there!

Large Therapists Database

With thousands of massage therapists registered and many others joining everyday, you can find the perfect one.

Search by Location

Fast search lists results by city. There are buttons you can type or just type in the location required. Example here: Jakarta Massage Therapists. Note: the web version displays only a small sample of results.

Book by Email

Simplest way to make a booking or contact a massage therapist is by email. The user will receive a notification via smartphone and email. Then he/she will respond to you via the required method.

Phone/SMS Contact

The fastest way to contact therapists is by calling them. Please know that this option is available only if enabled by the users. If a mobile phone number is verified a user can be called or sent a SMS message.

Contact on WhatsApp

In some cases the users also may post their WhatsApp contact details along with the phone number. This method can be used alternatively should the client prefer it to phone call or SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Massage App help clients?

Massage App is basically a database of massage therapists. It is easy to search, find and contact one or a number of therapists in any location. The list of therapists can be accessed on the web portal or on the Android App.

How can Massage App help therapists?

Massage therapists and clients can open an account which is free of charge. The therapists can list their location and the range of services offered. Once the registration is complete the profile will be live in the app. Clients will be able to contact the therapists directly.

What are the booking methods?

Since the therapists are not engaged in a contract or service agreement with Massage App, there is no actual booking form. However, we have implemented a few types of contact methods. The service providers can be contacted via e-mail, SMS text message, phone call or even by text message via WhatsApp.

What are the costs involved?

Massage App does not charge any fees for facilitating contact between massage seekers (clients) and massage providers. Any price agreements will have to be discussed between the client and the service provider.

Can I work for you as a Massage Therapist?

Our platform does not hire massage therapists and does not charge clients for services. We only display the list of ads that users add in a free manner. The responsibility of the accuracy of a service stands entirely with the person that added the service.

Is my information safe?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. We are using new technologies that help keep your information private. Your password characters are stored as encrypted data. The massage therapists have the option to receive messages via email (private) or they can be contacted via their business phone (public) number.

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The idea behind the Massage App

There was one time in Bangkok. It was before this coronavirus madness and it was easy to travel around the world. I have met a young couple that was walking in a neighbourhood called Sukhumvit. I have recognised them as previously had a city tour together. And we were actually staying at the same hotel. After saying hello, I have asked them if they were looking for something in particular. They have responded saying that they were looking for a spa and massage establishment. However, there were too many in Bangkok in that area and at that time. So they were wasting time trying to find info on each. And walking around in day-heat. My joke was that the mountain should go to the client. And perhaps I should make that happen.

So, here we are. I would like to make massage booking easy, fast and safe for clients and providers alike. Not only booking a massage on the app is faster, it is also safer as there is a trace. Also, one could rate and review services. The massage providers will be able to travel to your residence, workplace or even a hotel. This is a win-win for both customers and businesses. 

Laurence M.


Himalay I.

Lead Developer

What do people think?

@Massage App is awesome as it lets people connect. Find your massage #massageopen

J. Chan Hong Kong

Book Massage App is the easiest way to get bookings from new customers. And even better, it's FREE!

Jacinda L. Jakarta, Indonesia

It took me less than a minute to register and then I found the massage shop I was looking for. Massage Therapists List

David M. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've installed the Indonesian version of the app and opened a free account in seconds. Then listed my services and got a massage booking the next day. Indonesia Massage Pijat

Annie Lee Berlin, Germany

This is an useful app. But what I like even more is that the support is fast. I got help immediately. Get Massage Help Here

Adam Gordon London, UK

All the plans are free of charge

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  • Contact by phone/sms/whatsapp
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